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Sutler Cyrus is pleased to present this handy list of links to interesting places to visit. I’ve been to some, in person, and I guarantee you will enjoy the visit.


Most of the events will not be seen in the usual re-enactor journals, but all look very interesting. If you have the chance, give these sites your support. As you can see, they have gone to a great deal of effort to provide informative and entertaining programs for their communities and the traveling public, in general. Most of them have gift shops, the bread and butter of any site, stocked with unique period themed merchandise, so you can pick up an unusual souvenir reflective of the past and help them keep doing what they do – keep your history alive!


Thanks for your support of North America’s historical sites and museums.

Jeff Wakefield (Sutler Cyrus)


Alberta, Canada















(The Battle of New Orleans and more!)





(Arrr! Be a seafarin’ man – this looks like a lot of fun!)



(River Raisin National Battlefield Park)



(This is one of the most unusual museums you could hope to visit, so you should)

(This site has a nice video on it. Worth the watch.)




New Brunswick, Canada


New Hampshire


New Jersey

(Historic Cold Springs Village)


New York


North Carolina

(This is a brand new site! Very nice.)

(Port O’ Plymouth Museum)


Ohio and

(note: same organization, different sites)


Ontario, Canada

(Close to down-town Niagara-on-the-Lake, itself not to be missed)

(Niagara Parks Commission Contact for program details!)

(The Museum of Civilization is actually located in “The National Capital Region”, Gatineau, Quebec)



(Pennypacker Mills)


Quebec, Canada


Rhode Island

(In business since 1809 as a general store. This looks like something really different.)


South Carolina









(This is one of our original Cartridge Candy hotbeds!)


West Virginia





(note: I am including a description of this event that was sent to me by the site, because I was thoroughly thrilled reading accounts of the Fetterman Massacre and the Wagon Box fight, in my Landmark series of history books during my primary school days.)


Dear Jeff Wakefield: We are a State Historic Site located off Interstate 90, Exit 44, in mid central northern Wyoming. Our site is the largest and by my understanding the largest log Stockade Fort, the type you see in the movies. The military portion covered 11 acres, with the civilian portion covering another 7. It had artillery bastions on opposing corners, an occupation of about 400 infantry of the 18th, then the 27th, on the average and 50 cavalry of C Company, the 2nd Regiment.


We have 3 events each summer, the primary event is called Bozeman Trail Days and is held on the 3rd weekend of June. Each year a theme relating to the fort is selected, with a symposium held on the Friday night, living history and if possible, a tour relating to the theme given on Saturday or Sunday, with talks/tours focusing on the military and civilian live in and around the fort also given through the weekend. The normal fee for the site is $2.00 for residents 18 and over or $4.00 for non-residents in the same age group. On this weekend however the price is $3.00 per individual 18 & over in a car or $7.00 per car-load, whichever is less.


Fetterman Days is held on December 21st (the anniversary of the Battle). This tour is held ever year, it does not matter the weather. The tour begins at the Fort's Visitor Center with the guest gathering between 9:30 and 10:00. Initially visitors are given a description of the events that led up to the battle and there is a weapons demonstration of those used in the battle by both sides, Native American and Military. Then the visitors car-pool to Battlefield where they are walked through the site shown the military’s fighting positions and the Indians’ attacking routes, descriptions are given of the different theories of the battle, the positions of the Native Americans Main Village and Intermediate Village are shown along with much more based on our archaeology studies, etc. The other program, The Wagon Box Fight, is held on August 2nd. This is usually held in the evening with talks held at the battlefield and much more including once again, weapons demonstration with the mountain howitzer, the change of weapons from the muzzle loader to the breach loader, and the variety of attacks made by the Native Americans.




Special Event Information!

Note: for specific historic eras, consult Smoke & Fire News, Camp Chase Gazette (see our links page) and


Audubon State Historic Site, Louisiana


The War of 1812 Living History Encampment " The March to New Orleans"

February 16th-17th , 10 AM until 4 PM

During the years of the nearly forgotten War of 1812 a foreign invader burned the White House, the United States invaded Canada, and the sounds of cannon fire and battle could be heard in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Andrew Jacksons troops passed by Oakley Plantation enroute to New and from New Orleans. From 10 AM until 4 PM visitors will see the Age of Napoleon come to life though volunteers in reproduction uniforms and clothing of the War of 1812. Activities will include cannon firing drills, black powder musket drills, and camp life talks. For more information please contact Audubon State Historic Site in St. Francisville, La. at 1-225-635-3739.


1810 Spanish Colonial Market Faire

May 25th, 10 AM-4 PM

Celebrate spring at the Market Fair and colonial militia muster. See cannons roar, the militia drill or even try your hand drilling with them. Later in the evening visitors are invited to a dance in 1810 as music fills the air. Purchase herb and flower plants and shop for the latest fashions in 19th century clothing, jewelry, and soaps. You may bob for apples, play graces or other lawn games. During the day visit the Blacksmith, have your fortune told, or visit the town doctor. Lemonade and other drinks provide a break from shopping and the other business of the Fair and Muster. In addition there will be a limited preregistration only tea on the back gallery of Oakley House. For more information please contact Audubon State Historic Site in St. Francisville, La. at 1-225-635-3739.


Fort Ticonderoga, New York


Third Annual Material Matters: It’s in the Details. Objects and the 18th Century

January 26 – 27, 2013

This two-day seminar focuses on 18th-century material culture and is intended for those interested in learning more about objects of the 18th century and what they tell us about history! Advanced reservations required. For further details or to make a reservation contact Rich Strum, Director of Education at 518-585-6370 or


Battle on Snowshoes Re-enactment and Living History Event

February 23, 2013

Experience an exciting living history event at Fort Ticonderoga highlighting Major Robert Rogers and the March 10th Battle on Snowshoes on Saturday, February 23 from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm! Visit the French Garrison in the middle of winter inside Fort Ticonderoga and tour through opposing pickets of British rangers and French soldiers, both well trained and adapted to frontier, winter warfare. At 1 pm on Saturday, visitors will experience the hectic tree to tree fighting in a recreated battle. Watch as the rangers make a brave stand against superior odds, only to retreat through the deep woods. The cost is $10 per person and payable at the door. Friends of Fort Ticonderoga and children age 4 and under are free.


Open for the Season! New Exhibits, Programs, Events, Gardens & more!

May 17 – October 20, 2013


Eighteenth Annual War College of the Seven Years’ War

May 17-19, 2013

Fort Ticonderoga hosts the Eighteenth Annual War College of the Seven Years’ War May 17-19, 2013, in the Deborah Clarke Mars Education Center. Since 1996, the War College has become a top venue for historians on subjects relating to the French & Indian War, drawing speakers and participants from across North America. An enthusiastic audience of nearly 200 people represents all levels of interest, from general lovers of history to scholars. The War College offers a unique, informal setting that promotes interaction between speakers and attendees. Our speakers include both established and new scholars studying the French & Indian War in North America. Advanced reservations required. For further details or to make a reservation contact Rich Strum, Director of Education at 518-585-6370 or


The King’s Garden is Open for the Season

May 25 - October 14, 2013

Tour the restored 1920’s Colonial Revival King’s Garden, the site of the original Fort Garrison Garden. The King’s Garden celebrates the Pell family’s commitment to preservation and agriculture at Fort Ticonderoga for nearly two centuries. Immerse your senses in the colors and scents of the Discovery Gardens and marvel at sweeping lake vistas and stunning natural beauty of Fort Ticonderoga’s landscape!


Montcalm’s Cross, 1758 Battle of Carillon Battle Reenactment

July 20 – 21, 2013

In this exciting 2-day battle reenactment, watch as re-enactors recreate the skirmish that lead to the death of Lord Howe. Hear the roar of French musketry from the French lines as the British and Provincial soldiers attempt to assault its walls. Experience this clash between empires at this key to the continent!


Brown’s Raid Re-enactment

September 14-15, 2013

With General John Burgoyne’s Army south at Saratoga in September of 1777, march with Colonel John Brown and his militia men as they raid Ticonderoga, releasing prisoners, capturing supplies, and even turning British Cannons on the terrified British and German garrison of Ticonderoga. In this two day battle reenactment, experience this determined American raid on this British outpost in an old French fort!


Tenth Annual Fort Ticonderoga Seminar on the American Revolution

September 20 – 22, 2013

Fort Ticonderoga hosts the Tenth Annual Seminar on the American Revolution September 20-22, 2013, in the Deborah Clarke Mars Education Center. This weekend seminar focuses on the military, political, and social history of the American War for Independence. The Seminar provides participants with an opportunity to listen to and interact with the presenters in an informal, relaxed atmosphere. Participation is limited and is by pre-registration only. For further details or to make a reservation contact Rich Strum, Director of Education at 518-585-6370 or